Ant├│nio Fernandez Architects

The office has a technical team specialized and diverse , dedicated to the design of the space environment , whether small or large scale , instilling in its creation the same rigor and devotion in the idealization , implementation and realization of design pieces of furniture and architectural works. Antonio Fernandez Architects is also dedicated to intervention in planning and design of the urban environment , given the complementarity of expertise you have on your professional staff , possessing all the necessary requirements for this type of services.


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┬áTexture is the appearance of a surface that is “skin ” in a way that allows it to identify and distinguish it from other forms . When we touch or look at an object or surface feel if your skin is smooth, rough , soft , rough or wavy . The texture is therefore playable and a visual sensation.


The architecture as a human activity has existed since man began to take shelter from the weather. A more precise definition of the area involves the entire design (ie design) environment built by man , which ranges from the furniture design ( industrial design ) to the landscape design (landscape ) , city ( urban planning and urbanism ) and the region (regional planning or spatial planning ) . In this way, the architectural work necessarily involves building design ( considered the most common activity of the architect ) , such as buildings , houses, churches , palaces, and other buildings. According to this view , the work of the architect would involve , so the whole range of human life , from the manual to the urban.